Sacred Singing

Everyone can sing, and it is incredibly valuable – whether you think you can sing or not. Come find out why singing will help you experience a much fuller and richer life.

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to explore how singing, and especially how singing and chanting the songs from many traditions – from ancient to modern – can enrich one’s experience of life.

The workshop explores the ways that singing and chant have been used through the ages to create a full and rich life – to open the heart and expand us into the deeper places that singing has been used to carry human beings for thousands of years.

This workshop has few lectures. It is just about singing, chanting, and toning with others. Participants do not need any prior training or even experience singing with a group. In fact, if you have felt uncomfortable in the past trying to sing around other people, this is your chance to overcome that concern, to let go and enjoy using your voice, to begin to find your voice and connect with yourself and others through song and chant.

Workshop Leader:  Melanie Burgess

Melanie is a life-long lover of music and especially enjoys singing. She shares her life with her husband Jerry and their four daughters. Melanie is currently administrator of Tennessee Valley Eye Center and a former Vice President with Tennova Healthcare. She has sung in choirs, ensembles, and for fun around the house throughout her life. Singing has also been a life-long spiritual practice, and she has often experienced the joy of connection and healing through music. In this workshop she will be offering the possibility of those experiences to you.

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Date: Wednesdays beginning February 7 through March 14
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
:  Meaningful Life Center 116 Carr St., Knoxville, TN 37919

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