Lovingkindness Reflection

Cultivate an Open Heart

The practice of Metta or Lovingkindness reflection helps us to develop and sustain a felt sense and attitude of lovingkindness toward ourselves, others, and all beings everywhere.

Metta is a part of the Buddha’s heart teachings about lovingkindness, or the Brahma Viharas – compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and “unbounded friendship” – often called as a group the “Heavenly Abodes.” This workshop will bring participants into experiences of lovingkindness and focus on how to bring about compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and “unbounded friendship” in one’s daily life. The workshop will consider sila (virtue), samadhi (concentration), and pañña (wisdom) as they relate to lovingkindness. Since the purpose is to cultivate lovingkindness and good will, the workshop will be of benefit to anyone who is interested in the topic, no matter what spiritual tradition you might be interested in, or, for that matter, whether you are interested or involved in any spiritual tradition at all.  The focus will simply be on how a person can cultivate a felt sense and attitude of lovingkindness toward themselves, others, and all beings everywhere.

Workshop Leader: Fred Martinson

Fred is an art historian (Ph.D. U Chicago) with a special interest in the iconology of Buddhist art (“meaning” as well as style and context), who taught at UTK for 30 years. After specializing in the meaning of Buddhist subjects in Asian art for years, one day about 25 years ago he suddenly realized that there is a reason why those Buddhist images sit the way they do. So he began a meditation practice of his own. Since that time, he has studied with a number of different teachers and participates in a half-dozen meditation and study groups including one on Lovingkindness based on the teachings of Andrew Olendzki. Currently he leads a metta reflection group meeting every other week.

Interested?  Please consider joining the Lovingkindness Reflection Workshop at the Meaningful Life Center.

FormatNew participants welcome at any meeting

Times: Saturdays – 10:00 to 12:00 Noon

Dates: On-going Program

Location:  Meaningful Life Center 116 Carr St., Knoxville, TN 37919

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