Bringing Back the Boon:

A Conversation about a Pilgrimage

The last stage of a Pilgrimage is sharing the “Gift” or “bringing back the boon”.
Debbie and Marsha spent ten days last fall with 15 others on the Pilgrimage of the Blue Rose. “We traced the steps and mysteries of Mary Magdalene, the Egyptian Goddess Isis, and the rebirth of the Divine Feminine through the sacred mountains and villages of the Languedoc region in southern France and the Catalonia region of northern Spain. And now each of us, Marsha and Deb, is called to share our individual experience – to dialogue and talk about the pilgrimage, how it felt, what we learned and are still learning. This will not be a slide show presentation of our trip. It will be an interactive heart level conversation, organically evolving, and based on the questions and the insights we co-create with the group of participants. Come and join us?”

Workshop Leader: Deborah Tegano and Marsha Parsons

Deborah Tegano (Ph.D., Virginia Tech) is a retired tenured faculty member from the University of Tennessee (College of Education, Health and Human Sciences). Currently a managing partner at TREND Partnerships, LLC, she works with corporations across three continents in the areas of executive coaching, team synergy, and management development. Most recently she has presented for Knoxville Chamber of Commerce members on mind-body connection. In her spiritual journey she has been a student of Jungian psychology and Kundalini yoga, among other genres. She is a published author, researcher, and teacher in the areas of play, creativity, and social constructivist approaches to childhood and adult education.

Marsha Parsons (Ph.D, University of Tennessee) is a licensed psychologist in private practice. Currently she is completing her American Psychological Association approved certification as a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She has extensive experience in the area of dreamwork, and is trained in energy work to effect change through the meridian, chakra, and the biofield systems.


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